Pricing Info for Adassa’s Island Café

Social Events
Monday – Sunday: $500 for the first 3 Hrs and $100 for each additional Hour.
Small group meeting (Monday – Sunday before 4pm) is $50 per Hours.
Large group $20 per person include continental breakfast or lunch.
Equipment: Additional $50 before 4PM and 250 after 4pm

Holiday Prices varies. Please email us.
Holiday Pricing Rates are applicable to all US Government Observed Holidays/Holiday Weekends, Valentine’s Day, Good Friday, Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, & Halloween.
US Government Observed Holidays
Alcoholic Beverage Policy : Adassa’s Island Café is a nonalcoholic establishment. However some group may apply for a one day event Permit.

•Any event where alcoholic beverages are served, a $175 security
fee may be assessed for 1 Security Officer.

•Clients bringing in there own food and beverage must supply their
own drink ware, ice, cocktail napkins, and etc.

•Drink ware, ice, cocktail napkins, and etc. are available from
Adassa’s Island Café @ an additional cost. If interested, please inquire.

•Catering services may also be secured through Adassa’s Island Café
If interested, please inquire.